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Be empowered! Take Control! If you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will.

Protect Yourself

Be empowered! Take Control! If you don't stand up for yourself, no one else will.

Here's Why!

Despite the fact the creditor is owed the money, the creditor does have the right to foreclose. Let everyone know the creditor does not have the right to foreclose and compel the creditor to workout an alternative payment arrangement.

What You Get

The Cancel The Mortgage Package includes everything you need. It's a fully functional, full featured package plus bonus material. We are the leader in innovative foreclosure defenses and strategies.

So Simple To Use!

Only 3 Steps, no need for an attorney, and virtually cost free. Start now and you can have the whole process complete in less than a day!

Meet Greg:
Using DCH products, he’s been in his
house for over three years mortgage free.

“Three years later, I’m still the home and
have been able to save money and live very easy and worry-free life.


Now that I'm beginning to see how the courts work, foreclosure isn't so scary."
- James Brosky

"Really?? this is what lawyers do? Seems like every time I send in a paper I get another 4 months mortgage free - So funny..."
- Seth B.

"I LOVE your product. Excellent work! Thank you."
- Mario Ortuno

"We tried to get the bank to work with us way before the foreclosure started. They wouldn't budge. Amazing that now all the sudden - They're ready to talk."

- Curtis & Lisa
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Why Use It?
The Procedure Is So Simple Anyone Can Do It
— you can do this

Does Not Require The Approval Or Participation Of The Court
— regardless of a judicial jurisdiction or the trustee in a deed of trust

The Bank Can't Stop You
— there is nothing the bank can do to stop the recording of the notice of

Make Selling Your Home The Bank's Headache
— for anyone that tries to sell you home

Make Buyers Avoid Your Home
—buyers won't want to purchase your property

Make Title Companies Avoid Your Home
— title companies won't want to insure to new buyers

Make Banks Avoid Loaning Anyone Trying To Buy
— banks won't want to loan the money to buyers

Become A Legal Bulldozer
— as far as the lender is concerned, it is as if you legally bulldozed your house,

and there is nothing left for the lender to sell

Nothing Like This On The Market
— finally a stategy outside foreclosure
Works in Every state

Designed By Attorney Richard Kessler

• Yale Law School Graduate
• Washington DC Attorney
• Foreclosure Activist and DCH CEO
Here Is What You Get

1. Quick Start Instructions -- easy to get started right away

2. Rescission Letter -- "I cancel the mortgage because the bank broke the contract".

3. The Notice -- puts the world on notice that the mortgage has been canceled and that you have an interest in your home that cannot be extinguished by foreclosure

4. Lis Pendens -- probably not needed, lots of instructions tell you when to use it

5. User Manual -- detailed description, instructions, and terms

6. Mortgage Identification Solutions -- how to determine the owner of your loan

7. Alternatives To Foreclosure Guide -- negotiation terms and strategies
Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cancel The Mortgage do?

• Cancels the mortgage because the mortgage was improperly modified to provide collateral for an investment security.

• It immediately thwarts the banks effort to take your home by placing a cloud on title.

• Neither the lender nor a future buyer can get clear title to your property.

• Make foreclosure less attractive to the lender than an alternate dispute resolution such as a loan modification.

• Establishes a legal foundation which will allow you to join a class action lawsuit in the future for wrongful foreclosure if the lender proceeds to foreclose.

How will Cancel The Mortgage help me?

Take Advantage Of Limited Resources!

• Lenders and the Federal Government have set aside a limited number of resources for loan modifications. These resources will go to those who make the greatest efforts to resist foreclosure.

• Cancel the Mortgage gives the lender a strong incentive to negotiate instead of foreclose. It is expensive and time consuming to go to court and attempt to remove a cloud on title.

• Cancel the Mortgage will delay foreclosure thereby providing you with more time to work out an alternate dispute resolution.

• If the lender does go to court to remove the cloud on title, either in the foreclosure suit or in a separate suit later on , you or your attorney will have the opportunity to show the court why the foreclosure is illegal.

• For the reasons shown in DCH’s MORTGAGE DEFENSE PACKAGE, there is a substantial financial risk that the court will rule the mortgage unenforceable

Will the Lenders really work with me?

Yes they will, almost every class of lender is being told by their owners and managers to negotiate with borrowers. It is worth repeating, now that home prices are falling and banks are failing, lenders have much less reason to foreclose and more reason to work with you. Any lender that fails to engage in Loss Mitigation when they write a loan under US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines is subject to severe government penalties.
When should I get started?

The sooner the better. It is important to demonstrate good faith by working an alternate dispute resolution with the creditor. By trying to workout an alternate dispute resolution with the creditor, Cancel The Mortgage Now is intended to motivate the creditor to cooperate. The longer you take to workout a repayment plan, the more likely a court will view your actions as an effort to escape your payment obligations instead of an effort to achieve a workable repayment solution.

Why should I be allowed to Cancel The Morgage?

Because the people who aquired your mortgage and made it into a security changed the mortgage agreement without your permission and made the mortgage unusable. They don't have a right to enforce the mortgage agreement you granted. You made a deal, if you don't pay the mortgage, a SPECIFIC party can take the your house away from you. You didn't say ANYONE could take your house away from you.

Despite the fact the creditor is owed the money, the creditor does have the right to foreclose. Cancel the Mortgage is designed to let everyone know the creditor does not have the right to foreclose and compel the creditor to workout an alternative payment arrangement.

When you create a mortgage, you create 2 documents. The note and mortgage. The note is the IOU and the Mortgage is the legal agreement that gives the right to take your house away if you don't pay. When you failed to pay, the party that purchased the Note tried to use the mortgage to foreclose. However, when the party "securitized" the mortgage, the added new conditions and new parties that you unaware and didn't agree making the mortgage agreement unenforce-able. So, although you still owe the money to the other party, they cannot use foreclosure to take your home.
Bonus Material!

• Alternative Dispute Resolution Guide

• Methods To Save Your Home

• Choices In Easy Language You Understand

• Use Negotiation Terms Professional Use
Use This Program Even If:

• You Have Missed Mortgage Payments and Owe Money

• You Received Any Type Of Notice From Your Lender

• Your Home Has Lost It’s Value

• You Had No Success By Yourself Or Using A Company
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